The following are parts of conversations over-heard in Paradise Valley.

Something always goes wrong. 55kb aif    

Is it my fault?

20kb wav



64kb wav


A little mystery is a good thing.

58kb wav


Can you believe this?

35kb wav


You're a really neat person.

33kb wav


Completely bored.

48kb wav


That's not gonna happen.

27kb wav


Anyone up for a game of charades?

39kb wav


I'm not myself.

58kb wav


Clean clothes...

66kb wav


It was OK, I guess.

45kb wav


Computer paper makes a big mess

79kb wav


Let's get outta here.

20kb wav


I got it covered.

28kb wav


It's really amazing.

95kb wav


This is way too dangerous.

74kb wav


Really good.

26kb wav


Don't you get it?

23kb wav


Do I look as ridiculous as I think I do?

47kb wav


We've been dumped...

75kb wav


Wow, dad made sandwiches.

44kb wav


How am I gonna explain this?

34kb wav


Why are you being so selfish?

36kb wav


A frog in my backpack

65kb wav


I'll take small and cold...

69kb wav


GC-161 side effects

90kb wav


It's hard being someone you're not.

34kb wav


I glow when I get nervous

52kb wav


I just made some with sprinkles.

47kb wav


What's goin' on?

18kb wav


I feel so stupid.

35kb wav



70kb wav


We could get a DNA tattoo.

80kb wav


It's my hair and it's my ears

82kb wav


Give it time lady.

55kb wav



10kb wav


Don't say UH-OH...

58kb wav


We just started

36kb wav


Watch The Secret World of Alex Mack.

65kb wav


I live here too!

23kb wav


Why do you care so much...

40kb wav


I still look like a frog

46kb wav


Yeah, he's great.

28kb wav


You are a loser.

37kb wav


You got it.

17kb wav


That lyndsey girl

54kb wav


Why you messing with me?

30kb wav


Stuff You Should Know