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Historical Events of Paradise Valley

The Accident-

(Historians note- Paradise Valley Chemical denies that this event took place and says it is "Just one of those stories that a small town cooks up to bring some mystery to its name.") While walking home a junior high student (Alex Mack) is drenched in a chemical spilled from a truck accident. She then discovers that she has unique abilities.

Hoop War-

A food fight in the cafeteria brings Alex & Ray, and two others, first to "clean-up duty" then to the basketball court where the loser will admit to starting the food fight.

Shock Value-

Always the procrastinator and with her love of science, Alex waits until the night before her science project is due to put it together. Using one of Annies' old projects, and then a little magic of her own, she is accused of having someone else do the assignment for her.

The Videotape-

Career Day at the plant catches Alex, on tape, using her powers. Now can she get to the tape before Vince sees it?

School Dance-

Alex is waiting for Scott to ask her to the dance.

The Feud-

Alex wins tickets to a concert of Rays' favorite band. When she invites Nicole instead, Ray tries to get the reward the plant is offering, for information on the GC-161 kid, to buy a ticket.(HN: Paradise Valley Chemical denies that there was ever a reward for information on a "non-existing" GC-161 kid)

False Alarm-

It's mid-terms and a popular girl is not ready. To put them off, she pulls the fire alarm and Alex takes the blame.

Science Fair-

A finalist in the science fair, Annie's project is destroyed and Alex gets blamed.

Alex and Mom-

After an argument, Alex puts mom's business proposal out of order to get back at her.

Cold Day in Paradise Valley-

When Alex gets a cold, her powers become a problem.

Annie Bails-

Annie goes to a science academy and Alex wants her back.

The Solo-

Alex "helps" Ray with a sax solo and he doesn't believe her.

Road Trip-

Alex and dad take an outing together. Dad's having fun until Alex falls down a mine shaft.

New Kid in Town-

Is someone new breaking up Alex and Ray?

The Journal-

Vince has Alex's journal detailing her abilities.


Alex baby-sits Kelly's sister and is accused of stealing.

Double Bogey-

At the plant "Father-Daughter Golf Tournament", Alex shows them the strangest round of golf.

The Secret-

It's Halloween and Alex meets the Paradise Valley ghost.


Grounded, Alex sneaks out.

The Secret World of Ray Alvarado-

An accident transfers Alex's powers to Ray.

Rat Trap-

Alex is on the track team, but is her teacher working with the plant?

Ray Goes to Washington-

When Ray campaigns for class president, he finds politics isn't as easy as he thought it was.

Trophy Case-

Alex shows promise in a unique event.


Alex helps Nicole with a test, by giving her an advance copy.

On the Rocks-

Annie looses footing while climbing a mountain.

The Gift-

Alex and her dad find what Christmas really means.


Is Scott going to ask Alex to the plant dance?

Mack TV-

A video contest has Ray shooting Alex using her powers.

Local Hero-

Alex "helps" Louis save a child and Louis is now a hero.


Alex can't control her powers at the plant carnival.


Alex and Robyn get jobs at the new video store. The security system is installed by Vince.

The Party-

Kelly invites her friends to a party at an unsuspecting Mack household.

World Without Alex-

Alex wishes she were never born.

Operation Breakout-

Alex goes to the plant to help a kid rumored to be the one the plant suspects is the GC-161 kid.(HN: Paradise Valley Chemical denies that this event took place)

The Neighbor-

Is the new neighbor a plant spy?


Alex takes photos for the year book, but Scott doesn't like them and takes his own.


Alex helps Robyn with phys-ed.

The Otherside (2-Parts)-

Annie splits Alex in two-- one good the other not.

Bubbling Over-

While Brice breaks up with Annie, Alex has reaction with GC-161

New World Order-

Mom's cooking gives Alex super strength.

Big Ray-

Ray leaves Alex for the basketball team. The plant plots to get rid of George.


Louis is a tabloid journalist. Barbara finds out she baby sat one of her professors.

Bad Girl-

Alex makes friends with a "rebel."

The Understudy-

Louis, and then Alex, help Ray with his date. Annie starts at the plant as an intern.

A Room of Her Own-

Alex moves into the shed.


Alex falls in love and can't control her powers.

Mystery Man-

Paradise Valley has a mystery DJ and Alex wants to know who he is.


Alex gets a job at a donut shop. Louis' best friend comes for a visit.

Woman of the Year-

Barbara is up for "Woman of the Year" and Alex uncovers a plot to "fix it."

Twelve and a Half-

Alex picks up a "kid-sister" when a girl starts hanging around and dressing like her.

The Test-

Alex cheats to not be put in the slow math class. Someone from the plant sees her using her powers.

The Creeper-

Alex makes friends with the class outcast.


The guy at school hitting on Alex is Annie's new boyfriend.

Friends Like That-

A plant spy makes friends with Alex at school.


Alex and Ray find a man living in the woods. They soon discover he is one of the creators of GC-161.

Nightmare in Paradise-

The school bully picks on Alex. Annie tells Lars more than she should know about GC-161.


Alex tries out for cheerleading. Lars finds a disk labeled "GC-161 info" on Annies' desk at home.


It's the day they've all been waiting for--take the drivers test and get a license. Louis gets Alex a job at his fathers company.

Green Day-

Wayne's Wigwam is the target of an environmental concerns group.


Alex and Kelly are camp councilors.


Aunt Ashley drops by for a visit, taking time away from her successful career. Or is she?


Alex's primate friend returns, only to have Vince spot him.

Foot Fault-

To help her dad, Alex arranges a rematch with one of his old bowling buddies.

The Switch-

In an accident Alex and Barbara get morphed together only to reform in each-others bodies.

The Storm-

A night storm has Alex and Annie remembering some of their previous adventures.


Alex takes a woman who collapsed in the park to the hospital only to have the doctors asking how she did it. Annie says good-bye as she goes to college.

Seņora Garcia-

When the Spanish instructor nobody likes retires, the class is more fun. So why is Alex trying to get her back?

The Doctor-

Alex has a doctors appointment that she has to get out of.

The Band-

There's a new music group that was "MADE in Paradise Valley."

Things Change-

Robyn gets a boyfriend; but can she keep him when she learns that there are rules to dating.

The Return-

A boy, Hunter, whose father helped develop GC-161 before disappearing, comes back to Paradise Valley to uncover the truth.

Friendly Fire-

Robyn and Alex have a bit of a problem when it comes to how they see life.

Secrets and Lies-

Alex helps Hunter find the GC-161 kid.

24 Hours-

It appears that the whole community of Paradise Valley is out to get Alex.

Paradise Lost-

Louis finds out about Alex's powers and tips off the chemical plant. (HN: Paradise Valley Chemical denies this event.)

Paradise Regained-

The Mack family is trapped in the chemical plant while explosives are set around the building to destroy all evidence of GC-161. Alex tells her parents the truth. George has developed an antidote to GC-161 and gives it to Alex. The FDA re-examines the approval of GC-161. (HN: Paradise Valley Chemical can not deny this event.)

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